Is Zable Loan Legit? A Comprehensive Review

Zable offers quick personal loans without needing collateral.

However, they charge high-interest rates and don’t offer as many flexible options as other lenders.

Is Zable Loan Legit?

Discover the truth about Zable loans in this detailed review.

Learn about their eligibility criteria, loan options, fees, and more to determine if Zable loans are a legitimate choice for your financial needs.

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Is Zable Loan Legit?

Zable Personal Loan Review

Zable offers medium-sized personal loans for fair to good credit scores but lacks flexibility and can be expensive.

As a newer lender in the US, it may evolve its loan product.

While it has a quick preapproval process and fast funding, its high starting rates, limited loan types, and customer service availability are drawbacks.

It’s advisable to compare Zable with other loan offers for better rates and features.

Zable Personal Loans at a Glance

Minimum credit score



12.00% – 29.99%.


  • Origination fee: 5% to 8.5%.

  • Late fee: $15.

Loan amount

$1,000 to $35,000.

Repayment terms

1 to 5 years.

Time to fund after approval

Same or next day.

Loan availability

Loans not available in CO, CT, IN, KS, LA, ME, NE, NV, NH, NJ, ND, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, VT, WV, WI and WY.


  • Preapproval with soft credit check.
  • Flexible repayment date options.
  • Quick funding.


  • Charges origination fee.
  • Doesn’t offer joint, co-signed, or secured loans.
  • Available in limited states.
  • Limited customer service availability.

Are you Eligible for a Zable Personal Loan?

Zable doesn’t tell you everything you need to borrow from them, but you probably need okay or good credit to get a loan.

Here’s what you need to get a Zable loan:

  • At least 600 credit score.
  • They don’t say how much money you need to make.
  • A full-time job.
  • A good email, Social Security number, and bank account.
  • You need to live in the U.S. and be at least 18 in most states.

Before you ask:

  • Check your credit.
  • Find out how much you’ll need to pay every month.
  • Plan how you’ll pay back the loan.
  • Get all your papers ready. Zable might want proof of how much money you make, like a pay stub or tax papers. You might also need to connect your bank account.

How to Apply for a Zable Personal Loan

Here are the steps to apply for a loan from Zable:

  1. Fill out a form on Zable’s website with your personal information, like your name, birthday, address, and Social Security number. This won’t affect your credit score.
  2. Review the loan offers you receive and choose the one that fits your budget. You’ll then need to submit a formal application, which may require additional documents. Zable will check your credit score at this stage.
  3. Once you have your loan, make sure to make your payments on time. This can help improve your credit score. Setting up automatic payments and keeping track of your budget can help you manage your payments.


Zable offers fast personal loans without needing collateral, but they have high-interest rates and fewer flexible options than other lenders.

While Zable’s quick preapproval process and fast funding are good, its high starting rates, limited loan types, and customer service availability are downsides.

It’s a good idea to compare Zable with other loan offers to find better rates and features that fit your needs.

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